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Electrician and Home Automation for Weston, CT

Weston ElectricianWeston is a town in Fairfield County which has a population of over 10,100 people. The town is served on Route 57 and Route 53. Almost 20% of the people living there commute to NYC on a regular basis for work. But whenever they want electrical and home automation services done, they call the Connecticut locals at Buckley Electric & Automation LLC.

Indoor and outdoor lighting is a great way to decorate your exterior and interior. Some even have outdoor lighting installed for better security measures. Security lighting is a way to prevent your home from becoming a statistic.

A home without good lighting becomes a target for thieves. Robbers pry on homes that are dimly lit or not at all. You’ll find that installing security lighting is one of the smartest investments.

Lighting the indoors take a panel of experts because you have to match the interior décor with the type of lighting that you want. The advantages of professional lighting:

  • Cost-effective
  • Runs efficiently
  • Uses hardly any energy

Weston Electrician

A panel upgrade or lighting installations by one of our useful electrical technicians will keep your home from becoming a hazardous electrical threat that it can become. Electrical problems tend get worse whenever they are not properly handled. You’ll find our services:

  • Helpful
  • Useful
  • Handy

An overheated wire can be the cause of many major problems in the home or even your business. The smell of burning wires and lights is a direct result of not attending to problems when you should have. Our electricians will attend to your electrical repairs before they become your downfall.

Weston Electrical Safety Inspection

An electrical safety inspection is a part of what we do at Buckley Electric & Automation LLC. For those unfamiliar with what an inspection is- a professional check of all of the electrical components and appliances in the home/office.

Lighting can go bad, panel boxes could be outdated, and surges going through your receptacles. One minute you enjoying the evening and the next, you’re calling the fire department to put out an electrical fire all because you didn’t get an electrical safety inspection done.

Don’t delay it any longer. If you have an older home or adding onto one, you should have this done. An inspection will prevent you from not obtaining homeowner’s insurance. It can also prevent you from getting an opportunity to relax.

Replacing the old worn out wiring is a safe move. We can do that after troubleshooting your system along with any repairs that you may need done. We won’t let your home’s electrical become a nightmare.

Our electrical contractors will save your home and keep your family safe. Contact our Weston electricians and schedule an appointment.


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“Ross was terrific. Did exactly what was promised at the agreed upon price in a timely, professional and friendly manner. I highly recommend him.”

– Michael F. Weston, CT | Rated: 5/5


Weston, CT


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