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Residential Electrical Services

Since 1988, Buckley Electric & Automation LLC has been the trusted leader in residential electrical services. We are always available to take care of your installations, repairs, or maintenance as our skilled team of electricians have the knowledge and tools to take care of business. Call for our Greenwich Electrical Services today!

Nest & Home Automation

Nest & Home Automation Greenwich

Creating a smart home through Nest & home automation can be done through our electricians from Buckley Electric & Automation LLC. This is the digital thermostat that can help lower your heating & cooling bills by 20%. We can install yours as soon as today!
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Electrical Safety Inspections

Greenwich Electrical Safety Inspection

If there is one thing that we know best it’s how to perform a electrical safety inspection. We do more than just inspect a home; we prevent your electrical components as well as your system from becoming major fire hazards.
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Home Generators

Home Generators Greenwich

The built-in units can supply power to areas of the house in Greenwich that have been affected through a power outage. It is necessary to your family to have power during an emergency because you’ll be able to communicate with others.
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Electrical Wiring

Greenwich Electrical Wiring

Older homes mean older electrical wiring. The older the wiring the more delicate it is. If your home is older than twenty or more years, and your lights are starting to flicker, call us. These may be the start of something bigger and potentially more hazardous.
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Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs Greenwich

Our electrical repair covers anything that is electrical. Think of everything electrical in the home and decide on what you use most. You have probably made a huge list. Our focus is to keep your home and business safe and you completely satisfied 100%.
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Lighting Greenwich

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing lights is the activities that take place in those rooms. Places such as the bedroom benefit from low-lights while brighter lights are required in such places as the kitchen.
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Panel Upgrades

Greenwich Panel Upgrades

The home’s panel box is one of the most significant components in the home and that’s why sometimes panel upgrades are necessary. It carries electrical current all through the home and prevents circuits from blowing out. You may need to have yours upgraded for the following reasons: too small and unsafe.
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Surge Protection

Surge Protection Greenwich

Whether you have encountered power outages before, you can always benefit from a surge protection. If you own a home or a business, you realize what it is like to have an overload circuit because when there’s too much plugged in, there’s potential for major problems.
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If you are ever in need of a Greenwich Electrician, all you have to do is call Buckley Electric & Automation LLC. We are always available to service the electrical components in your home. We service and install brands such as NEST, Honeywell, GE, and others.

If you are looking for Electrical Services in Greenwich then please call 866-200-0076 or complete our online request form.

Buckley Electric & Automation LLC

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