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Standby Generators vs. Portable Generators: Which One Is Right For You?

generators-greenwichGenerators are a great investment for any homeowner. When the power goes out, it’s comforting to know that you can still supply electricity and keep your appliances and electronics running. If you are trying to find backup power you’ll discover that there are two main types of generators: standby and portable. Understanding the differences in these models, how they work, and how they benefit you will help you make the best decision for which Greenwich generator is best for you. After reading this short guide, if you have any questions, please contact a Buckley Electric & Automation specialist. We can give you a point by point description of each.

Installation Features

Simply put, no installation is needed for a portable generator. Most portable generators are stored in garages or backyard storage sheds and pulled out when needed. When the power goes out, cords are attached to the generators, pulled into the home and then distributed to selected items that need power. By contrast, standby generators are installed on the property close to your home and hooked directly into your electrical system by a certified electrician. Although some are manually powered, they also provide features in which when they are automatically turned on when the power goes out so that there’s no interruption in electricity. Installation secures the standby which means it has a less chance of turning over or shifting during periods of high winds or heavy rainfall.

Power Capabilities

Although there are different sizes of both portable and standby generators, standby units are generally larger and can supply more efficient power to your home. With portable generators the power has to be rationed to selected items in the home. This means you have to prioritize which electronics or appliances you want to power such as the refrigerator or washing machine. It is recommended that you invest in a generator that can push at least 4,000 watts. Standby generators in Greenwich can give your home more power (4,000 watts – 40,000 watts) in a more efficient manner and provide electricity for major system such as you air conditioner while simultaneously run your electronics and appliances.

Cost vs. Benefits

One the most important considerations is how much your investment will be for a portable generator verse a Greenwich standby generator. It is important to think about the initial cost verses the long term benefits. For instance, portable generators are less expensive than standby models, but will they provide you with enough power to keep your home going in the event of an emergency such as a major snow or ice storm? When disaster hits, do you value the benefit of system that automatically turn on or is it ok to set up a unit and manually turn it on? Another issue you may want to consider is gasoline usage of portable generator as compared to propane usage of a standby. Saving money on the front end could be something you regret when you actually need to use the generator.

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