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What To Do With Landscape Lighting To Have The Best Home On The Block

Landscape Lighting in GreewichLandscape lighting is the best way to really bump up the curb appeal of your house. It creates dimension to the property, highlights certain great features, shows off the architectural style, showcases beautiful statues and other interesting features, and can make your home look better than all the other properties on the block.

Professional electricians who install landscape lighting like ours here at Buckley Electric & Automation, LLC can help you achieve your goals. Landscape lighting can always be added onto through the months and years it may take to get everything the way you want it. Everything can be done at once or you can do a little at a time. Good outdoor landscape lighting is always a great place to start when you want to make some home improvements that give you a totally unique and superb curb appeal.

LED Retrofits For Outdoor Light Fixtures

It wouldn’t take much to convert the outdoor light fixtures to LED, especially on homes with the few lights that are built during standard home construction. An electrician like use will replace each fixture with a modern LED light fixture. This hardwire installation is much more efficient than just using LED light bulbs and it will be much more reliable. The LED bulbs will work better and last longer if the fixture is rated for LED bulbs. It is worth getting an LED retrofit estimate to check out the possibility before you install additional light fixtures to enhance the landscape.

Colored Outdoor Lighting

You’ll also have plenty of color options to choose from so you’ll be able to use them in a more flexible manner or in combination with each other. For instance, put along your steps a soft red light but choose a soft white for the deck railings. By doing this, you’ve just created dimension in your design! Choose a soft green or blue for your fountain area and you’ve added some cool effects for the water.

Install Deck Lighting For Safety & Beauty

Enjoy your new deck now at nighttime, as you’ve made it easier for guests to easily find their way around your barbecue area and you’ve set a mood for your outdoor get-together.

Swimming Pool & Walkway Lighting

Walkways, patios, and sidewalks areas are good places to install outdoor lights in order to enhance your backyard landscape for after dark use. Special lighting can be installed around your swimming pool area as well.

And with today’s technological advances in LEDs, you won’t have to worry about leaving the lights on outside overnight because your energy bill won’t skyrocket. There’s no shortage of LED lighting style options there either. In fact, you can get pool lighting that changes color on a timer or by remote control. Talk about a great party atmosphere!

Combining landscape lighting types, you create a design for your property by illuminating it in different ways. Lighting helps in a number of ways, and aesthetic appeal isn’t the only reason to have it installed.

Spot Lights & Uplighting

Outdoor spotlights and uplighting are other types of landscape lighting that go well in combination with low voltage and security lights.

Spotlighting is a stronger type that is used to light up or highlight specific features that should stand out, such as your favorite plantings, statues, or water features.

One great way to figure out what kind of outdoor lights to install to make your home look great is to contact a professional landscape lighting installer like ours here at Buckley Electric & Automation, LLC.

When you call us, you get everything you need and want, and we’ll help you figure out just what to do when you are not sure. Working with a pro like us is the best way to upgrade all your outdoor living spaces. Landscape lighting not only serves the functional needs of a household but alsocreates atmosphere and mood that will set your home apart from all the others on the block.

If you are interested in Landscape Lighting in Greenwich, please call Buckley Electric & Automation, LLC at 860-408-9713 or fill out our online request form.

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